native heap question--JNI related
(too old to reply)
S.G. Vogel
2018-08-31 02:18:54 UTC
https://www.badlogicgames.com/wordpress/?p=2367 seems to say that if you
create a direct buffer in native code you avoid GC because the memory is
allocated on the native heap.

var buffer = allocateDirect()...//allocates on the java heap as well

var buffer= nativeBufferMethod. //still has a pointer on the java side

From GoogleIO17 talk I learned that the java side variable pointer to the
native object should be coordinated with a native delete via creation of a
phantom reference and a callback from the referencequeue addition of it.
I also have read on SO that the native object gets cleaned up when the java
pointer gets GC'd.

Because ART/Dalvik can reclaim the process or *any* memory when it runs low
at any time, I write to disk onStop and onLowMemory/onTrimMemoryand then
check in onStart.

Is there any technique to keep the pointer to the native heap allocation
alive that I have not thought about from the perspective of the
NDK?(besides writing the app entirely in C/C++)?

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