arm-linux-androideabi-gfortran error when linking: libgfortran.spec : no such file or directory
(too old to reply)
Stephen Kirby
2018-08-30 18:11:39 UTC

I have just built a cross-compiled (target: arm-linux-androideabi)
gfortran. Now I'm trying to build some netCDF libraries but have hit the
glitch mentioned in the subject line when linking with my
arm-linux-androideabi-gfortran. I am not seeing a libgfortran.spec file
where my newly built arm-linux-androideabi-gfortran was installed. So I
copied one I found for the GCC I built earlier over to the
arm-linux-androideabi lib/ directory. A quick search online suggests
setting "LIBRARY_PATH" to this arm-linux-androideabi lib/ path but it
didn't work. Also tried adding this path to "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" but still it
is not seeing this (libgfortran.spec) file.

Any suggestions welcome :>

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