How can I use SIGRTMIN + X Signals in Andorid NDK for Usb ISOCHRONOUS Transfers
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sunder kandasamy
2018-11-26 06:19:08 UTC
I am attempting to Submit ISOCHRONOUS URB in Android NDK in C.

usbdevfs_urb& urbRequest = *(usbdevfs_urb*)malloc( 384 );
urbRequest.type = USBDEVFS_URB_TYPE_ISO;
urbRequest.endpoint = mpEndpoint->GetEndpointAddress();//mpEndpoint->GetEndpointIndex();
urbRequest.status = 0;
urbRequest.flags = USBDEVFS_URB_ISO_ASAP;
urbRequest.buffer = pData;
urbRequest.buffer_length = 0;
urbRequest.actual_length = 0;
urbRequest.start_frame = 0;
urbRequest.number_of_packets = 1;
urbRequest.error_count = 0;
urbRequest.signr = SIGRTMIN;
urbRequest.usercontext = pData;

usbdevfs_iso_packet_desc* pIsoPacketDesc = &urbRequest.iso_frame_desc[0];
pIsoPacketDesc->length = 384;
pIsoPacketDesc->actual_length = 0;
pIsoPacketDesc->status = 0;

ioctl( fd, USBDEVFS_SUBMITURB, &usbRequest);

In the above code, I want to set SIGRTMIN signal for urbRequest.signr. So
that i can get the SIGRTMIN signal on URB completion and i can call REAP
URB after

But in Android i am not getting the SIGRTMIN signal at all. Instead my app
gets killed without any exception

is there any way i can use SIGRTMIN signal for submitting URB in Android?

Note: I tried using SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 signals but ART is catching those

is there anyway to do isochronous, interrupt, bulk transfer (using non
blocking asynchronous IO) in Android?
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